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[audio]Orquesta filosofica
Audio Content Analysis
Keywords: Orquesta filosofica; content analysis
Downloads: 20
[texts]Ein neues Verfahren zur Lösung psychometrischer Probleme in der Analyse verbaler Daten - Bernhard Bierschenk
In behavioural science research verbal expressions are analysed with various methods and techniques. However, in order to describe the relations within an entire sentence quantitatively with the aid of multivariate statistical procedures, ANACONDA has been developed. This acronym implies the notion of a method for the Analysis of Concepts by means of Data Processing.
Keywords: psychometrics; content analysis; semantic differentials
Downloads: 30
[texts]En studie av modifierande ords kontextuella funktion: En principdiskussion och några kvantifieringsförsök - Inger Bierschenk
Within a research project on computer-based content analysis empirically specified content of nouns is assumed to come about through weighted verbs and adjectives connected with the nouns. Based on this assumption noun clusters have been established. This study tries to find out a method for measuring the function of adverbs within the adjectival structure. It is namely possible that the weight of the respective adjectives could change in connection with modifiers in such a degree that the cont...
Keywords: psycholinguistics; psychometrics; cluster analysis; modifiers; content analysis
Downloads: 91
[texts]Content analysis for city planning literature (Volume Committee of Planning Librarians. Exchange bibliography, no. 37) - Guttenberg, Albert Z

Keywords: City planning; Content analysis (Communication); Urbanisme
Downloads: 205
[texts]Swedish Semantic Dictionary Base for (570) Adjectives and (880) Verbs - Bernhard Bierschenk
The dictionary base is representing Swedish adjectives and verbs which were assessed of a sample of 40 randomly selected individuals, drawn from a population of 132 researchers, working in the fields of educational and psychological research. Further, the presented source materials are based on a sample of 600 pages of running text drawn from the 4000 pages of the collected interviews. This base provides a new way of building up concepts and conceptual relations...
Keywords: Multidimensional scaling; Osgood; psychometrics; content analysis
Downloads: 59
[texts]Uppbyggnad av lexikonbas för en datorbaserad innehållsanalys av intervjutext - Inger Bierschenk
This report is part of a project on content analysis and deals with dictionary construction as basis for statistical analyses of interviews. The generation of lexical data bases consisting of nouns, adjectives and verbs is described and results from experimentation on authentic materials are accounted for. Dictionaries of scaled base forms of adjectives and verbs are compared with truncated items. The purpose is to obtain a perfect match, so that the results can be assigned a scale value for the...
Keywords: content analysis; dictionary; data processing; information retrieval
Downloads: 48
[texts]A Computer-based Content Analysis of Interview Text: Numerical Description and Multivariate Analysis - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report describes the method of approach used in an analysis of the dimensionality of interview texts. By means of cluster analysis models, the interview materials have been agglomerated. On the basis of these results the relation pattern has then been studied by means of a discriminant analysis. In the final discussion the results are related to (1) the psycholinguistic model and (2) the model of the research process, which have guided this research.
Keywords: content analysis; scaling; cluster; discriminant analysis; semantic differentials
Downloads: 96
[texts]Reliabilitetsprövning av en metod för innehållsanalys av intervjutext - Marjanna Berg
In a research project on search and steering strategies in educational and psychological research planning, interviews with researchers working in departments of educational and psychological research are being analysed. The present report deals with the first step in developing a computer-based content analysis control of inter-coder agreement in syntactic-concept based coding of interview materials...
Keywords: content analysis; reliability testing; coder agreement; interview data
Downloads: 71
[texts]Teoretiska och psykometriska problem vid en datorbaserad analys av intervjutext - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents the psycholinguistic model underlying the development of a method for a computer-based content analysis, called ANACONDA. A program-flow diagram for the construction of concepts illustrates basic steps in the Semantic Differential Technique. Some metric properties of the scales applied are discussed. The empirical approach of scaling linguistic elements (adjectives and verbs), which are taken out of context, are described...
Keywords: content analysis; Osgood; semantic differentials; discriminant functions; similarity analysis
Downloads: 33
[texts]Konstruktion av ett regelsystem för en datorbaserad innehållsanalys av intervjutext: Preliminärmanual och några utprövningsresultat - Inger Bierschenk
This report contains a description of a technique for a computer-based content analysis of interview text. Some steps in the development of a rule system for coding are reported. The evaluation of a preliminary system of rules is described and evaluation data are presented. Furthermore is integrated an extensive control of punching and punch cards for the purpose of attaining a perfect material. The presentation of the work, carried out so far, is pre­ceded by a linguistic discussion.
Keywords: computer-based content analysis; coding rules; reliability tests; linguistic models
Downloads: 118
[texts]ERIC ED386777: The High School & College/University Individual Events Judge's Ballot: A Quantitative Analysis of Current Ballot Content and Approaches. - ERIC
A study investigated the content of individual forensic events ballots. In the study, 150 high school and 274 college ballots were randomly selected from 17 tournaments, and each comment on each ballot was evaluated and coded. Data indicated that the overwhelming majority of comments on high-school ballots (64.57%) were positive comments; 32.68% of the comments on the college ballots were positive, and 24.13% of the comments were negative, none of which offer constructive or specific criticisms...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Content Analysis; Debate; High Schools; Higher Education; Judges; Student Evaluation
[texts]Datorbaserad innehållsanalys: Teoretiska och praktiska överväganden - Inger Bierschenk
This report describes a Swedish contribution to computer-based content analysis research. The method is compared to international conventions regarding the treatment of text for computer-based analysis. An account is given of how a dictionary can be built up on the basis of the Swedish language. The coding of the text is based on a theory about thought structures and the report describes the way in which this theory can be converted into a system for coding concepts and relations...
Keywords: computer-based content analysis; cognitive models; conceptual dependency theory; coding system; data coding; dicitionary construction
Downloads: 144
[texts]ERIC ED382972: Personal Voice in Stories of Teaching. - ERIC
A story told about soliciting comments and criticisms from students during a class one day reveals a number of disturbing techniques used in academic story-telling. Such story telling, which has become increasingly common in academic teaching/writing journals of late, creates the deceptive impression of sincerity and intimacy. In this case, the instructor himself discovers calculated maneuvers in his own story telling, which underscores how inherent they are to the genre...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Autobiographies; Content Analysis; Creative Writing; Literary Devices; Narration; Personal Narratives; Writing Instruction; Writing Research
[texts]ERIC ED375420: Vocational Guidance Books' Assessment of the Social Responsibility of the Press. - ERIC
As literature designed specifically to help young adults make appropriate career decisions, vocational guidance books explain what background, experiences, and personal traits are necessary to succeed in various careers. They are of interest to researchers because of the attitudes they reveal about journalism as a field. A review of 30 journalism guidebooks written during the first half of this century shows that the activities, needs, status, rewards, and environment of journalism were describe...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Career Awareness; Career Guidance; Content Analysis; Higher Education; Journalism; Journalism History; Media Research
[texts]1. Business IJBGM Corporate Environmental Reporting ( CER) Practices Md. Asaduzzaman Bangladesh
This article presents an empirical investigation into the corporate environmental reporting practices of a number of listed non financial companies from Bangladesh, based on both the primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected from the total number of 40 Chief Accountants and Senior Accountants using a structured questionnaire, and for the secondary data, Annual report of 44 companies has been selected...
Keywords: Annual Reports; Content Analysis; Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE); Environmental Reporting; Non-Financial Companies
Downloads: 3
[texts]En impressionistisk innehållsanalys av intervjuer med forskare på pedagogiska institutioner i Sverige - Marie-Louise Annerblom
This report, based on an interview study, presents the views of forty researchers at departments of education on the scien­tific process. The technique used in this investigation is impressionistic, and the analysis includes: motivation, information search, relationships, influences on project plan, interest spheres, personal situation, program budgeting and practical problems, frame of reference, suggested projects and methodology.
Keywords: content analysis; education researchers; search strategies; steering strategies; random sample; social science research
Downloads: 108
[texts]Ein neues Verfahren zur Lösung psychometrischer Probleme in der Analyse verbaler Daten - Bernhard Bierschenk
In behavioural science research verbal expressions are analysed with various methods and techniques. However, in order to describe the relations within an entire sentence quantitatively with the aid of multivariate statistical procedures, ANACONDA has been developed. This acronym implies the notion of a method for the Analysis of Concepts by means of Data Processing. A Swedish Semantic Dictionary Base for (570) Adjectives and (880) Verbs is presented here at archive.org with the identifier http:...
Keywords: computerized data processing; concept formation; content analysis; cognition; psychometrics; regression analysis; psycholinguistics
Downloads: 133
[texts]ERIC ED389018: Textual Analysis in Mass Communication Studies: Theory and Methodology. - ERIC
This study examines textual analysis methodology as applied to mass communication studies. It focuses particularly on the theoretical basis of textual analysis, the analytical process, and congruent theoretical perspectives. Although the term "textual analysis" is often used generically, this study differentiates textual analysis as developed by the British cultural studies tradition from other textual approaches, such as qualitative content analysis and discourse analysis...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Higher Education; Mass Media; Media Research; Qualitative Research; Research Methodology
[texts]ERIC ED362923: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (76th, Kansas City, Missouri, August ll-l4, l993). Part XI: Advertising. - ERIC
The Advertising section of this collection of conference presentations contains the following 12 papers: "How Leading Advertising Agencies Perceive and Use Barter Syndication: A Pilot Study" (Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted); "Three Giants--Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy, William Bernbach: An Exploration of the Impact of the Founders' Written Communications on the Destinies of Their Advertising Agencies" (Leonard L...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Advertising; Content Analysis; Information Sources; Marketing; Mass Media Role; Media Research; Recall (Psychology); Television
[texts]ERIC ED361199: Project Wild and the Dominant Western Paradigm: A Content Analysis Utilizing Deep Ecology. - ERIC
Environmental educators utilize activity guides as a primary method of diffusing environmental education material into educational settings. The most popular environmental education activity guide in use today is Project WILD. Project WILD has come under fire by various groups, especially animal rights groups. Accordingly, a content analysis study was undertaken to determine if the guide exhibits a predominantly anthropocentric versus biocentric bias...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Curriculum Guides; Ecology; Elementary Secondary Education; Environmental Education; Models; Teaching Methods
[texts]ERIC ED360063: An Analysis of the Formal Features of "Reality-Based" Television Programs. - ERIC
Reality-based television programs showcase actual footage or recreate actual events, and include programs such as "America's Most Wanted" and "Rescue 911." To identify the features that typify reality-based television programs, this study conducted an analysis of formal features used in reality-based programs. Formal features are defined as specific production techniques that are independent of content, message, or story...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Broadcast Journalism; Broadcast Television; Content Analysis; Documentaries; Programing (Broadcast); Television Research
[texts]ERIC ED362456: Mapping Knowledge Perspectives in Studies of Educational Change. - ERIC
This document argues for the utility of mapping knowledge perspectives as a kind of cognitive art, or play of figuration to help orient educators to knowledge communities and their cultural codes, and to reinscribe modernist vocabularies into post-modern ways of seeing and representing educational change knowledge. A perspectivist approach is used to examine educational change discourse in comparative and international education texts since the 1950s...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Educational Change; Educational Philosophy; Educational Research; Educational Theories; Textbook Content; Textbook Research
[texts]ERIC ED364785: A Content Analysis and Comparison of Themes in Fiction with the Subject of an Alcoholic Parent Written for Children Ages Ten to Fourteen Years in the Sixties and in the Eighties. A Report. - ERIC
This study explored the themes in children's fiction with the subject of an alcoholic parent and evaluated the treatment of the subject in novels from the 1960s and the 1980s. It was hypothesized that, compared to writings from the 1960s, writings from the 1980s would more often contain references to the disease concept of alcoholism, would more frequently mention sources of help such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or adult resource people, and would more often present a resolution of the problem...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescent Literature; Adolescents; Alcoholism; Content Analysis; Fiction; Novels; Parent Child Relationship; Preadolescents; Trend Analysis
[texts]ERIC ED361231: Situating Beliefs and Trends in Environmental Education within the Ecological Debate. - ERIC
This content analysis examined 84 articles, published between 1950 and 1990, in order to discover and describe the conceptual trends in environmental social thought and to achieve three goals: (1) to write a brief history of ecological beliefs and to clarify the distinction between the ecocentric and anthropocentric perspectives; (2) to compare the beliefs and assumptions expressed by environmental educators with significant social ideas as they developed over time; and (3) to analyze the underl...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Beliefs; Content Analysis; Ecology; Educational Trends; Elementary Secondary Education; Environmental Education; History; Language Usage
[texts]ERIC ED363901: The Four-Stage Evolution of Content Analysis Methodology: An Annotated Bibliography. - ERIC
Noting that the technique of content analysis has become a useful tool for mass communication researchers, this annotated bibliography explains how the field evolved. The annotated bibliography's introduction suggests that: first stage issues (from the 1890s to the mid-1930s) involved efforts by journalists and educators to develop systematic measurement techniques and objective operational content category definitions; when researchers began to reach an embryonic consensus by the mid-1930s, a s...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Annotated Bibliographies; Content Analysis; Higher Education; Journalism History; Media Research; Research Methodology
[texts]ERIC ED363897: "We Shall Overcome": Ontology and Rhetoric. - ERIC
The particular way in which songs (and especially the songs of social movements) accumulate persuasive force has been the subject of much scholarly inquiry. This paper investigates the rhetorical power of the popular musical text, "We Shall Overcome," arguing that the song endures as an almost expected rhetorical feature of any social movement concerned with civil rights. The paper suggests that "We Shall Overcome" is a unique song of persuasion in that it demonstrates the ontological force of r...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Content Analysis; Discourse Analysis; Persuasive Discourse; Songs
[texts]ERIC ED367331: The Image of Librarians in Poetry, 1958-1993. - ERIC
This paper examines the portrayal of librarians in poetry written from 1958 to 1993 in order to find out whether technological and social changes which occurred during this period had any effect on the image of librarians. Content analysis was used in examining the 32 poems and the 36 librarians present in those poems. Adjectives and descriptions of the librarians were analyzed and evaluated to see whether the images were positive or negative and whether any change in the portrayal of librarians...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Cultural Images; Librarians; Poetry; Role Perception; Stereotypes
[texts]ERIC ED367378: The Treatment of the Occult in General Encyclopedias. - ERIC
This paper is a content analysis of three general encyclopedias, "Encyclopedia Americana" (EA), "Encyclopaedia Brittanica" (EB), and "World Book Encyclopedia" (WBC), which quantifies the treatment of the occult. Entries are selected from each by starting with the article "Occultism" and tracing all cross-references. Cross-references are likewise selected from all cross-referenced terms. Entries are then analyzed statement by statement; each is then placed into one of 21 categories...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Bias; Comparative Analysis; Content Analysis; Encyclopedias; Indexing; Tables (Data)
[texts]Datorbaserad Innehållsanalys: Kodningsmanual - Inger Bierschenk
This manual is a result of empirical studies of interview materials. It is based on a model for the formalisation of text,which is developed on research within the fields of psychology and linguistics.With this background a psycho­linguistic model is outlined on which a computer-based content analysis technique has been worked out. The presentation of the manual follows the stages of the model. The main part consists of the coding rules together with authentic examples and technical advices f...
Keywords: computer-based content analysis; psycholinguistics; computational linguistics; interview data; authentic materials; coding rules; coder training; reliability testing
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED387846: Progress in Research and Theory: Eleven Years of International Public Relations Articles. - ERIC
Public relations has been caught up in the drive to internationalize business. Organizations are now dealing with global constituencies on a more frequent basis, which increases the demand for international public relations. One concern raised by this development is whether or not theory and research are keeping pace with the international needs of the practitioners. This paper examines the published public relations research articles to assess how well or poorly theory and research have kept up...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Research; Content Analysis; Higher Education; International Communication; Public Relations; Research Needs; Scholarly Journals; Theory Practice Relationship
[texts]ERIC ED383331: Questioning the Questions of Instructional Technology Research. - ERIC
This paper explores the issue of the social relevance of instructional technology research, and examines the state of research in the field today. A modification of Dick and Dick's (1989) research article classification scheme is used to categorize the field's research literature. This new classification scheme represents an effort to distinguish between the goals of research and the methods of research...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Classification; Content Analysis; Criticism; Educational Research; Educational Technology; Higher Education; Research Methodology; Scholarly Journals; Scientific Research; Social Influences
[texts]ERIC ED382934: Readability Study of Client Health Education Materials: A Resource for Assuring the Effectiveness of Written Materials. - ERIC
A study assessed the readability of health education pamphlets and booklets distributed to local health department clients in North Carolina through their maternal health, child health, and family planning clinics. The materials analyzed came from various vendors, but excluded materials developed by local and state public health staff. The sample included 424 client-directed materials. Data included frequency of commonly used words, frequency of long words, variety of sentence types, overall len...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Awareness; Content Analysis; Health Education; Health Materials; Information Needs; Public Health; Readability; Reading Materials; Reading Research
[texts]ERIC ED383010: Relationship-Enhancing Communication Skills in Prime-Time Family-Oriented Situation Comedies. - ERIC
Television situation comedies have been criticized for their portrayal of dysfunctional family behavior. An exploratory content analysis study assessed the extent of relationship-enhancing communication skills in family-oriented, prime-time situation comedies, a genre frequently targeted for both scorn and praise. Three episodes each of five shows at the top of the Nielsen ratings of fall 1990 ("The Cosby Show,""Major Dad,""Roseanne,""The Simpsons," and "Who's the Boss?") were analyzed for nine ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Skills; Content Analysis; Family Relationship; Higher Education; Interpersonal Communication; Popular Culture; Skill Development; Television; Television Research
[texts]ERIC ED382357: Content Analysis of Block Play Literature. - ERIC
This study examined research on children's block play, using content analysis to review 75 documents that focused on such play. Each document was coded by type (empirical study or nonempirical article) and by 15 topics and 76 subtopics grouped into 4 broad categories: (1) environment/ecology; (2) block play and the school curriculum; (3) block play and child development; and (4) developmental stages of block play...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Age Differences; Behavioral Science Research; Child Development; Content Analysis; Developmental Stages; Environment; Play; Sex Differences
[texts]ERIC ED384938: Non-Empirical Research in Communication and Instruction: 1983-1993. - ERIC
A study assessed, categorized, and synthesized non-empirical research to provide both an initial assessment and future direction for the field of communication and instruction. Abstracts of all 250 non-empirical instructional communication, communication education, and training and development articles published from 1983 to 1993 in regional, national, and international journals were categorized and coded...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Instruction; Communication Research; Communication (Thought Transfer); Content Analysis; Higher Education; Research Needs; Scholarly Journals
[texts]ERIC ED389650: Fleeing from Democratic Ideals: The Content of U.S. History Textbooks. - ERIC
This paper examines how the discourse of textbooks leaves various impressions upon students regarding our democratic ideals of justice and equality. A qualitative content analysis of five widely sold secondary U.S. history textbooks was conducted. The content areas analyzed were the Japanese American internment during World War II and related issues dealing with the treatment of minorities. The paper argues that schools must develop critically thinking, socially conscientious students willing an...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Higher Education; Media Research; Textbook Bias; Textbook Content; Textbook Evaluation; Textbook Research; Textbooks; United States History
[texts]ERIC ED370707: Content Analysis of Children's Letters to Santa: Toy and Non-Toy Requests. - ERIC
This study examined the letters that 438 children aged 2 through 12 wrote to "Santa Claus" in care of a local newspaper in 1992. The letters were scored for: (1) number of toys requested; (2) non-toy requests; (3) specific requests for others; (4) intangible requests (i.e., world peace); (5) total toy price; and (6) number of toys costing $100 or more. Based upon a progression in children's belief in Santa Claus, three age-related groupings were identified as believers (6 and under), transitiona...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Age Differences; Beliefs; Childhood Attitudes; Children; Content Analysis; Letters (Correspondence); Sex Differences; Sex Stereotypes; Toys
[texts]ERIC ED370789: Randomness and Replication Revisited: A Content Analysis of Research Published in "Science Education" from 1988-1992. - ERIC
This study was conceived as a systematic replication of a content analysis of published science education research conducted by Horton et al. in 1993. As such, 47 research articles published in "Science Education" between 1988 and 1992 were examined. Also, this study further extended the findings of Shaver and Norton, and Wallen and Fraenkel, who conducted similar analyses of general and social studies research...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Educational Research; Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Methods; Higher Education; Research Utilization; Science Education; Theory Practice Relationship
[texts]ERIC ED371409: Labor and the Mass Media: A Case Study and Survey of Secondary Literature. Working Paper Series. - ERIC
Predicated on the assumption that organized labor has long been misrepresented by the mass media, and bolstered by a literature review, a case study analyzed in detail labor news coverage from the "Columbus Dispatch" for the month of April 1994. A total of 37 articles were gathered that related to labor issues--articles on the ongoing nationwide Teamsters' strike were looked for in particular. Results indicated that, in general, coverage of labor issues was sparse, usually too brief and was buri...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Case Studies; Content Analysis; Higher Education; Labor; Mass Media Effects; Mass Media Role; Media Research; Newspapers; Strikes
[texts]ERIC ED378973: A Study of the Description and Evaluation of Indexes in Biographies Written for Children. - ERIC
An indexer faces unique challenges when the genre consists of biographical material written for children. The narrative prose style demands vividly descriptive indexing terms, but the youthful audience requires a control of vocabulary and a clear, simple presentation. The literature of library and information science yields a few sources on the indexing of biographies or nonfiction for children, but no source addresses this specific combination...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Biographies; Children; Childrens Literature; Content Analysis; Evaluation Methods; Indexes; Indexing; Information Retrieval; Statistical Analysis; Subject Index Terms; Vocabulary
[texts]ERIC ED377536: The "Secret Seduction" of the Press? Aspects of Characteristics of PR Influencing Media Coverage. - ERIC
As yet, little research exists in Germany on the influence of public relations on news coverage, although for years American studies have shown that public relations widely determine media content. A study in Germany examined the qualities of news coverage as influenced by public relations efforts. Local media coverage (201 articles) in Munich newspapers between 1973 and 1983 on the two big international fairs, BAUMA (the biggest fair for building trade machines and equipment in the world) and S...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Information Sources; Journalism; Mass Media Use; Media Research; Newspapers; Public Relations
[texts]ERIC ED376841: A Content Analysis of MLS Holders from "The Directory of Library & Information Professionals." - ERIC
A content analysis of the "Directory of Library & Information Professionals" was performed to obtain information on people holding the Master of Library Science degree. Two thousand samples were taken and classified by gender, state where employed, job category (public service, technical service, collection management, information science, education, and administration), and whether holding a second Master's or Ph.D...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Doctoral Degrees; Educational Attainment; Higher Education; Librarians; Library Science; Masters Degrees; Professional Personnel; Profiles; Surveys
[texts]ERIC ED376532: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (77th, Atlanta, Georgia, August 10-13, 1994). Part IX: Magazines. - ERIC
The Magazines section of this collection of conference presentations contains the following 15 papers: "'National Geographic Magazine' and the Vietnam War: Did We Just Get Pretty Pictures?" (John W. Williams); "Free Speech at All Costs: A Short History of 'The Masses'" (Chris Lamb); "Newspapers Locally Edited Magazines Seek Ways to Maintain Place in Market" (Ernest C. Hynds); "Patriotism and Profits: A Content Analysis of World War II Magazine Advertising Containing War Themes" (Mike Sweeney); "...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Awareness; Content Analysis; Mass Media Role; Media Research; News Reporting; Periodicals; Popular Culture; Social Problems
[texts]ERIC ED375414: The Portrayal of Labor in Reporting Textbooks: Critical Absences, Hostile Voices. - ERIC
Labor activists and sympathetic scholars have long been critical of the anti-labor bias found in what they term the "hired press." Research generally supports these labor movement perceptions; studies of media coverage of industrial conflict have consistently found that the media cover these struggles through frames that delegitimize the labor movement. Accordingly, a study analyzed the portrayal of labor in reporting textbooks, hypothesizing that the persistent pattern of neglect and distorted ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; College Students; Content Analysis; Higher Education; Journalism Education; Labor; Mass Media Role; News Media; News Reporting; Textbook Research
[texts]ERIC ED376485: Reading Gender Bias in the High School Canon Novels. - ERIC
A study conducted a content analysis of seven of the most commonly taught novels in high school English classes to determine whether or not a gender bias existed in them. As each text was examined, a number of questions were asked: (1) Is pejorative language used by the author (or first person narrator) to describe female characters? (2) Are women portrayed as categories or types, i.e., stereotypes of negative traits rather than as complex characters? Are female characters, for example, depicted...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Characterization; Content Analysis; Curriculum Evaluation; High Schools; Literary Criticism; Novels; Secondary School Curriculum; Sex Bias; Sex Role
[texts]ERIC ED360671: "Mediolatry" in the Middle Range: The Need for Cross-Media Critical Research. - ERIC
A study investigated how much attention mass communication scholars writing in "Journalism Quarterly" give to each of the mass communication industries, to what extent the various media segments are studied, and how data from diverse industry segments are used. All 1,135 articles from both the main and Research in Brief sections of "Journalism Quarterly" published in the 1980s were reviewed. Results indicated that: (1) 72.2% of all the articles had newspapers and/or television among their princi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Higher Education; Journalism; Mass Media; Media Research; Research Methodology; Research Needs; Scholarly Journals; Scholarship
[texts]ERIC ED362308: Children's Explanations of the Causes of Wellness, Illness, and Injury. - ERIC
This study examined children's explanatory style for health- and safety-related events. Fifty children (ages 8 to 11) were interviewed using 12 health-related questions based on Seligman's Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations (CAVE) method. Children and their mothers also completed a health status form, which included questions on the children's past and current health. Children's causal statements were evaluated on four dimensions: stability (whether events occur because of stable or unsta...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Childhood Attitudes; Children; Cognitive Development; Cognitive Processes; Cognitive Style; Content Analysis; Individual Differences; Physical Health
[texts]ERIC ED362921: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (76th, Kansas City, Missouri, August ll-l4, l993). Part IX: Magazines. - ERIC
The Magazine section of this collection of conference presentations contains the following nine papers: "Davids and Goliaths: The Economic Restructuring of the Postwar Magazine Industry, l950-l970" (David Abrahamson); "The Global Economy as Magazine News Story: A Pilot Study in the Framing of News" (Elliot King); "Re-examining the American Magazine Industry: A l990s Look at Changing Realities in Periodical Publishing" (Kathleen L...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Audience Awareness; Change Agents; Content Analysis; Mass Media Role; Media Adaptation; Media Research; Periodicals; Popular Culture; Social Action
[texts]ERIC ED381789: Whose Stories Are Validated? - ERIC
Girls and boys write differently. Girls like to write about subjects close to home: self, friends, parents, teachers. Boys write about activities in the community beyond the home: technology, sports, policemen, firemen, war. Boys not only write about vigorous engagement but demonstrate it in the classroom where they tend to dominate while girls are more likely to be invisible. A study of second graders over an 8-month period of time supports the above generalizations and shows that teacher and p...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Childrens Writing; Content Analysis; Creative Writing; Elementary Education; Evaluation; Females; Males; Sex Role; Writing Instruction
[texts]ERIC ED381751: Levels of Comprehension Promoted by the Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC) Program. - ERIC
A study examined the levels of comprehension generated by questions in story-related and story-retell activities in the Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC) program. A sample of 500 questions from CIRC materials for grades 4, 5, and 6 were classified. Results indicated that the majority of story-related and story-retell questions were classified in the literal category, although the questions for some stories required a substantial amount of inferential comprehension...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Content Analysis; Intermediate Grades; Language Arts; Questioning Techniques; Reading Comprehension; Reading Instruction; Reading Programs; Reading Research
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